Monday, June 14, 2010

Overland Trade Route Evidence - China and Persia

Based on the analysis over the ancient glasses, it is concluded that the goods originated from Persia, referring to their particular colors of blue and green. The broken glasses are among other findings considered the oldest. "The findings prove that Middle East trade routes in the ninth century passed by silk road starting from India, Strait of Malacca, eastern coast of Sumatra, northern coast of Java and Maluku. At that time of years, the merchants bought spices from Indonesia," he said.

Meanwhile, an archaeologist from the National University of Singapore, Prof John Norman Miksick, explained that data recording the overland trade routes of the ninth century is still rare. "It is only within these last 15 years that new historical evidences have been found on the land, one of which is from Dieng," he said.

Dieng plateu, according to Head of the Department of Archaeology of Gadjah Mada University, Prof Inayati Adrisiyanti, is only known as home for temples. However, the findings emphasized the economic activities of the locals in the ninth century.

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