Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas cheer

I couldn't think of any funny archaeology-related Christmas jokes, so here are some funny pictures. Happy holidays!

And this just cracks me up:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Notebook... of Isaac Newton

Cambridge have recently digitised the Trinity College Notebook of Isaac Newton, check it out here.

Used from about 1661 to 1665, the notebook was used by Newton while he was an undergraduate at Trinity College. Prolific in many fields, the notes contain his insights into a range of subjects, including maths, physics and metaphysics. Well worth a look for anyone who wants to see inside one of the greatest minds of the 17th century.

BBC 5 Live Interview with Giles Dilnot and Win Scutt

You can listen to my recent BBC 5 Live interview here (if the below file doesn't work, try this link
BBC5Live 13 Dec 2011 HFC with Win Scutt. Presented by Giles Dilnot by tierneae
 I discuss my PhD research on the Hell-Fire Clubs.

Bring on the BBC

Just had a fantastic evening session with archaeologist extraordinaire, Win Scutt. He graciously offered me the  chance to sit in and contribute to his BBC Five Live session, "Up All Night", where I got to talk about my current archaeological work with Giles Dilnot. Later, we were on the line to Vic Morgan's Late Bhow on BBC Radio in the South West. Brilliant time all round - it was great to see inside the BBC Bristol studios and witness the nitty gritty workings of radio production. We even got some texts in about my PhD research; seems there is plenty of interest in the Hell-Fire Clubs throughout the country!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Arts PG Forum: Download the posters

As part of the Arts PG Forum initiative, I've been hands on in designing the weekly posters - attempting to grab some attention and get people involved, always considering that we don't have a budget and need to print/photocopy in black and white. Enjoy the splendour of the full colour effect by clicking to the new section of my main website, here.

I also made this celebrity version just for fun... (fun/procrastinating...)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Archaeology, Sci-Fi & Time Travel

While correcting first year essays today, the following occurred to me: