Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to make me grind my teeth

Using the "Mother Goddess" name in vain...!

So, my posts have not been of a very personal nature, but, if you want to know how to get my blood boiling, then feast your eyes on the last paragraph taken from The Archaeological Institute of America Vol.63, No.3 May/June 2010 "Clonycavan and Old Croghan Men" by Lobell and Patel.

It's not all bad - an interesting subject, lots of fun archaeological facts, funky hair, trade routes, and an Irish focus.

BUT... then they have to go and RUIN it by talking about the "Mother Goddess". Honestly, there just simply is not much in the way of evidence, just wild speculation.

For your reading pleasure, get the full article here.

The section that really pushed my buttons is:
"The bodies served as offerings to the goddess of the land to whom the king was wed in his inauguration ceremony. According to Kelly, both men’s multiple injuries may reflect the belief that the goddess was not only one of the land and fertility, but also of sovereignty, war, and death. “By using a range of methods to kill the victim, the ancient Irish sacrificed to the goddess in all her forms,” he says."
This seems like a bit of a leap to me - stating that the bodies were an offering to the Mother Goddess....hmmmm...
I just can't bring myself to believe this absolute link with the Mother Goddess - prove it to me! Send me some evidence I can sink my teeth into! Convert me! I am sure Mr. Kelly of the National Museum of Ireland knows a billion times more than me, so I am very confused by all of this.

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