Friday, April 11, 2014

Glasgow Airport security deny my civil liberties and intimidate me into complying

Report on security at Glasgow Airport (warning: your civil liberties may be challenged and dismissed) ---

Beeped as I went through security, asked to step aside. Told to go through scanner machine. Paused and stated: "I would prefer not to do the scanner, is there a frisk option". "I need to ask my manager", stated the lady. He walked over, asked what the problem was, I restated. He said "I need to hear a legitimate reason", I repeated my preference. He restated his stance. I then said, "I will comply if that is what I have to do, but is there another option" to which he replied "Comply is a strong word" and directed me again into the machine.The tone I was spoken to was dismissive, authoritarian and intimidating. I didn't appreciate that.

Comply is a strong word

It felt like when a child doesn't want to eat their broccoli and the parent makes them. Except I'm not a child and the broccoli is, I feel, against my civil liberties if I decline.

A note on the official regulations, now that I have had a chance to check them, from --- You will note that the option I requested and that they officially offer was not provided to me despite me asking numerous times. I am not impressed.

If I'm asked to pass through the security scanner, can I choose to be screened by an alternative method?
The Department for Transport considers that there are no known health effects from the scanners in use at Glasgow Airport. The only alternative that can be offered to a scanner is a private search which allows for a more extensive hand-search than usual. Passengers will be escorted to a different location in the airport from the main search area (e.g. a private search room). The private search may involve the loosening and/or removal of clothing. A person undergoing a private search may ask to be accompanied by a witness. This alternative screening method will take significantly more time than passing through a security scanner.

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