Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My life in pictures from the last month and a half

Fantastic fieldtrip to survey the Hell-Fire Caves

Had fun making a wordle of two chapters of my dissertation, on the Irish Hell-Fire Clubs

Hoped across the sea to visit the folks and survey the Hell-Fire Club of Dublin, Montpelier

Traveled south to take in the 40th year of Lawnmower Racing (yes, that's a real thing)

Applauded Jim Dixon for a great talk on mega/micro tools (materiality) and the city, in the dinky Parlour Rooms, Bristol

Choo choo near MShed

And a scenic boat ride along the Avon Gorge

In other news, I have been upgraded from intern to coordinator of Education for Sustainable Development at the University of Bristol, and will take over as Unit Director of the 3rd year undergraduate unit "Managing the Past". The latter role will mean I get to meet amazing guest lecturers most weeks and enjoy some exciting fieldtrips; the former will see me develop relations with the Students Union and Bristol Hub. I'm also Teaching Assistant on two other units and doing more fieldwork in November, and still working on my PhD upgrade, with the possibility of extra upcoming lectures.

No rest for the wicked!

Aside from all the academics, there have also been some very fun-filled times: battleshots; the Star Trek board game (!); the lego times; witnessing folk festivals with glimmering night parades; gay pride festival extravaganza; German pre and actual wedding shenanigans, etc. I realise some of these things will only be fun to me, but, hmmm... yes....

Battleshots is not a game you play with one person on each side.Excessive drinking is most certainly not endorsed by this blog in any way, but if you are going to do it, at least try not kill yourself (think teams).

A new idea emerged lately, feel free to get involved - ArchaeoBull (just email me) - thinking of starting a new journal that explores the lazy, exploitative and utterly ridiculously fabricated offerings of some academics in arch/anth. This is not "be mean to people because we don't agree with them", it's more exposing the palpably stupid nonsensible bull that some academics push onto the masses. Sometimes these papers are veiled by high-brow, high-sounding, jargon-laden, theory-heavy layers that mask the lack of any real substance. Just an idea we are bandying about - I had fun with a logo idea:

Archaeo-Bull. See, not even one fart joke.

As to the Morris Dancing - here is some set in Bristol's Queen's square, with cats and Nic Cage.
Stop questioning why this exists.

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