Wednesday, August 10, 2011

National Archives UK - Posters

These posters provide a fascinating insight into the British views on trade and empire, and are very much of their time (!)

First, putting a positive spin on decimating forestry with a hint of racist overtones:
"Jungles today are gold mines tomorrow" 1927
From the days when construction workers were regarded with a bit more respect as 'Empire Builders':
"Empire Builders" 1927

A time when the world wasn't made of individual cultures and countries, but easy routes through which to travel to your newest resource, with lands owned by the crown marked in blood red:
"Highways of Empire" 1927

Not only could you look to your explorers for new lands to conquer, but also the history of fashion:
"The Empire is Still in Building" 1930
There is plenty more on the Empire and other topics on the National Archives website, Education section. Source for the above at

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