Thursday, June 9, 2011

Berkeley Castle: newly discovered skeletons

The biggest news of the year, as reported by BBC News:

About 30 skeletons dating back 500 years have been found during an archaeological dig at a castle in Gloucestershire. 

The skeletons were discovered near an old churchyard during excavation work looking for Anglo-Saxon remains at Berkeley Castle.
They will now be taken for reburial at a nearby churchyard.
In 2005, archaeologists uncovered the remains of an Iron Age settlement in the grounds the Grade-I listed castle.
But only last year, a £5m appeal was launched to save the structure from falling into ruin.
A survey by English Heritage had uncovered a list of structural and cosmetic problems needing attention.
The Plantaganet king, Edward II was murdered at the Gloucestershire castle in 1327.

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